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RES has recently completed several process projects at a large factory in the Midlands. This was completed on time, on budget and defect free, with no quality issues during the work. This on top of the client’s stringent health safety, environmental and hygiene requirements, hygiene standards being very high due to the nature of the product and worldwide distribution.

In each case the design portion of the work, to include pump specification, pipe sizing and load calculations were completed by the client, acting as principal designer, issuing P&ID drawings for installation, GDI service pipework installation, supplying and installing pipework to both new & existing services to a new boiler, pipework was installed to carry grounds and steam.

Pipework stress analysis and bracket weight calculations are included in the process, much of the work was at height, requiring safe working solutions for access and working around existing plant, and with other contractors in the area.

Weld inspections were category two, requiring visual inspections, then being certified by external weld inspector, all work carried out by coded welders subject to regular testing, plus completion of a weld map so all aspects of the installation were fully traceable.


The client conducted an audit during the work, with no negative feedback, showing our ability to comply with the high standards required.

The project value was initially subject to value engineering to shoe some improvements, and the completed project was a value of £260,000, to include all hydraulic tests and results, plus certification and full installation pack for future maintenance and improvements.

Various small works to maintain the existing plant during 2019-2020 total value of £180,000.

Plus project for the relocation of a platform and equipment at a value of £40,000


And an expulsion line fabrication and installation carried out on site at a value of £27,000, also during June & july 2020

Boiler Manifold

Whilst completing further works on the same site the same time as the above works, we completed the pipework to the boiler for Vyncke, pipework carries steam and cooling water, interconnecting pipework and brackets. Again, installation drawings and design were provided by the client, but we must correctly interpret these, install in time in difficult areas to our usual high standard. All pipework subject to client’s inspection and testing requirements, and all documentation provided. The value of the project was £233,000.

All staff on the project are required to hold in date SPA training, this being a two-day course covering H&S awareness plus food hygiene requirements.

On the same site a recently completed project was completed on extraction main heater, this to remove and reinstate pipework for low pressure steam. Project value was 22,000.

All the above work completed accident/incident free, the project manager holds SMSTS training and site supervision holds SSSTS, all staff have considerable experience installing process systems in difficult environments, providing on site solutions to minimise the risks, supplying all required documentation on completion allowing futureproofing, pipework certification, pressure tests gives the client confidence the works have been completed as the specification. In most cases welds are subject to a 10% x-ray, as spot checks for any potential issues, following our own detailed inspection process on site.


As with all work carried out by RES, this was to the relevant codes and standards, pre-designed by the client and fabricated on site.

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