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Mechanical Engineering Works

Mechanical Engineering Works and Installation of the Thermal Oxidizer system Equipment & clean gas upgrade.

Thermal oxidiser replacement and associated pipework, this was an extension to an existing production facility, as some of the by products are hazardous so this was a high risk environment, the project had to be closely controlled with no errors, plus with a deadline on the emissions target which had to be met, ongoing supply issues, work at height, Covid requirements and issues, access issues and working with and around others made this a challenging project.

Contract terms were agreed, which included penalties for non-completion on time, we had a maximum of twelve staff on site, under a full time SMSTS project manager and SSSTS site supervisor, the project ran from September 2021 to February 2022, starting off at just under £1m, our contract rose to £1.3m with variations, with additional works and final commissioning running to June. The number of variations lengthening the project programme and our works on site and increasing the project by 30%.

The above is a snapshot of localised equipment, all services installed ran from this to the other side of the plant

Much of the work was at high level, above some existing plant, to include all bracketry, both carbon and stainless and pipework, plus the installation of a platform complying with ISO 1090, and lift plans and crane lifts to parts of the installation.

TI316 pipework, this being long lead item requiring advanced planning and storage, plus much of the plant required crane lifts so lift plans had to be in place.

A project requirement was full traceability and testing, so weld maps produced for all the installation, plus 10% NDT and all final documentation packs, with weld details and material certification.

We had a full site set up, to include a compound, welfare, stores, office and workshop, plus

working with the client and the consulting engineers and adapting with ongoing design changes and time constraints.

Thermal Oxidiser replacement.png
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