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Air Compressor Bypass

Smurfit Kappa, Birmingham


We were recommended by a third party to the client and were asked to tender for the work which included:

Remove the redundant pipe work, to final position the 2 air dryers  and install the new pipe work.

To break in at high level into the 6” pipe work by welding on a flange on the inlet & outlet pipework and to still incorporate the bypass leg.

The air dryer positioned by others onto the existing plinth.


A brief had been provided included and the design completed by the client together with a drawing and details.


The bulk of the fabrication was carried out in the workshop, testing was also completed prior to shipping.



All shop fabricated pipe work will be pressure tested prior to shipping to site, with weld mapping carried out, with material certs.

Whilst the project was a little over £17,000, this was for a new client, in a difficult environment with restricted working areas.


Final installation & inspection completed, and document pack issued. The project was completed on time and on budget, in  an existing work area, restricting access, without issue or incident.

So, this was for a new client in an unfamiliar environment, with the work being completed in a live environment with existing plant and equipment in place, but all works were completed by out team leaving a happy customer.


The key is to always provide a service the client, to include the documentation pack and information and deliver the project.

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