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During 2020 RES completed two projects for a new client in Wombourne.

The first was completed during early stages of the Covid lockdown between March - April 2020, bringing a new set of site standards, together with our own increased measures to keep our staff, clients and everyone we came into contact with, safe.

Centrifuge pipe work and inline equipment, with a value of £44,000.

Pipework and associated equipment

The pipework fabrication carried out in our workshop, issue of completed drawings and test certification, and all documentation.


The second project was the upgrade of a fryer, this meant we had to replicate the existing pipework, so the original was removed, and the new installed in the same position, access was difficult meaning site surveys had to be 100% accurate, and the client wanted minimal disruption.

As always H&S was a priority, with all work carried out to our usual high standards, and in compliance with site specific information.

The drawings issued and following dimension checks, and work commenced in May 2020 and was completed in June.

The value of the work being £136,000.

The end result was a more efficient system, that RES provided from scratch with difficult access during lockdown, resulting in positive client feedback.

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