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Buxton Waters

High pressure air receiver and associated pipe work Installation, to 44 barg maximum.

The project ran from April to October 2020, the value of the project was £100,000.

The pipework is all at high level, requiring detailed work at height planning, in addition the equipment had to be lifted into place, with existing pipework, and then moved into place, so a specific lift plan was provided with calculations and access plans to move the receiver into position and connect up.

Initially all pipework had to be first tested before break-ins to provide a safe work environment, all connections were provided by the site survey allowing a problem free connection.

The site installation was a short programme, so had to be “right first time” and to the client’s high hygiene requirements and level of H&S standards and maintain existing production requirements.

Weld maps were required to provide traceability and high quality, all works completed, tested and documentation issued.

Much of the fabrication being completed in the workshop off site and transported and installed on site.

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