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Fluidised Bed MK11,
WIFI Skid Steelwork Arrangement

In early 2023 we were approached by our client with a view to issuing an order for a platform  if we could manufacture and certify this to Execution class 3.

We already held class 2, but the requirements for class 3 rely on a greater level of qualification for the responsible welding coordinator. We have three staff trained to class 2, their duties being to check all the documentation, provide more information and certification, inspect all the welds etc, and we had successfully carried out a project to class 2.

So we engaged an external specialist, a member of the institute of welding specialists, CSWIP and PCN weld inspector, to review all documentation, to include welder qualifications, weld procedures, drawings procedures.

Following some internal audits and additional procedures we were audited by ISOQAR and approved to class 3, so the order was awarded, and we could commence fabrication following the RWC review of the approved drawings and weld procedures.

In addition our client carried out an audit of our facility and procedures, during the work they also carried out additional workshop inspections.

The order stated the procurement of all necessary materials required to meet BS EN 1090 Execution Class III and in accordance with Steelwork General Arrangements Fabrication of Skid frame in compliance with BS EN 1090 Execution Class III.

The design had been carried out by our client; we received approved design drawings.

Materials were ordered and fabrication in the workshop was carried out, class 3 required additional checks and inspections, detailed weld aps and full documentation pack with certification for ALL materials used in the manufacture, our client had also inspected all polishing & results using a micron-meter.

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