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Nitrogen Plant Update - Carlise

All pipework was carried out to PED CAT I.

Material Supply –RES supplied all Flanges PN100 & PN16 weld neck sch 10 & 40, SMS fittings & o/d pipe long radius bends & unions. grade 316 sch40 (seamless), reducers, tees, elbows, high pressure food quality gaskets, various sizes & length of B8 M stud’s nuts washers for flange connections, bracket material with clips, white wall penetrations, up stands.

Stress analysis - We carry out stress analysis for all pipe work. Comprehensive pipe stress analysis using Caesar II software. Typically, a computational STATIC analysis methodology to requirements of the appropriate Piping Code presumed BS EN-13480.

Structural Design – We calculate all additional loadings for the new Pipework and bracketry to be identified for the client to enable the suitability of the existing structure.

As built drawings –From the indicative model, we carried out as built drawings in 2 d formats.

Manufacturing code - All pipework  manufactured to BS EN 13480 2012

Welding - All welding  carried out by coded welders to BS EN 287 -1

Hydraulic testing - We carried out a 150 bar Hydraulic pressure test in our workshop in accordance B.S EN -13480 - 5 complete with the Inspection Test Plan issued.

Pneumatic testing - We carried out 110 bar  pneumatic pressure test on site using N2 bottles, procedures in accordance B.S EN -13480 - 5 complete with Inspection Test Plan issued.

NDT Testing

RES  carry out the following NDT to comply with PED requirements.

Pressure test of spool / 10% x-ray of butt welds / DYE PEN (on site to code)

Documentation issued.

Material & weld mapping.

Pressure test certificates.

Welders’ qualifications and approved weld procedures.

Final pressure test documentation.

At RES, we strive to deliver high-quality results and exceed expectations. Our team is experienced and skilled in handling various projects, and we are confident in our ability to successfully complete the task at hand.

We understand the importance of providing evidence to showcase our expertise and track record. We are committed to maintaining transparency and ensuring that our clients have full confidence in our abilities.

As part of the project we were to act as Principal contractor under CDM 2105, the client provided preconstruction information and we developed a CDM induction, issued to everyone o the project, and developed a detailed construction phase plan, we then engaged a third party to be based on site to manage the CDM and update the plan.

With additional works the project value was just under £300,000. We had full time site set up, as well as the CDM advisor we had a full time supervisor and dedicated project manager, NDT included Xray’s and a detailed documentation pack to be issued on completion, at which point CDM responsibilities were passed to the client.

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